Windy Hundy

Today I went for a ride. It was most of what I did today. Jim and I left at 8:30 am and rode west, Jim is going for a week long tour so he was not intending to return with me. I rode out 50 miles with him into the strong headwind and then turned for home, which was a delight. It was really warm and sunny! Just yesterday I put a 48t “big ring” on my cross bike and I sure was happy to have it. It is being run with a downtube shifter and it is really fun to use those things, It is the only downtube shifter I have as I love the thumbshifter for townie riding and STI for big kid riding and no shifters for mountain biking. A joy to install, too, with no cable housing to measure, cut, lube, etc!

I got home with 100 miles behind me and marveled that I was not completely wasted as I have not had many long rides at all this year and did back to back 3 hour rides the 2 days before. My first century ever (1991) was from Ames to Van (fucking) Meter and back and I exploded first 30 miles from home and at some point later imploded. I spent that night and the next day on the couch. So now after years of riding I can ride a century and get home peppy! Cody and I went to a Bike to Work Week Meeting that nobody showed up to and then came home for dinner. Nice spring break so far!

Pictures soon, I hope..


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    i seem to recall some of those rides to van meter: crossing the interstate bridge, and going down the long hill into town was like being with dorothy approaching the emerald city, until realizing we all had to retrace that crazy tornado path back to ames.
    ahh, but it made us better.

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