Date day / A picture is worth?

Cody and I are on spring break so today we spanned some time together. A relaxing morning at home before a lovely singlespeed townie ride started it all off. A college town with no college students in it is a delight!

After many pedal strokes we wound up at consignment superstore Houseworks and we bought a coffee table for our soon to be spruced up living space as well as a 10 pack of blank cd’s for just $34.00! We will pick up the table later as we have much to drop off when we FINALLY get moved into our loft. So we rode downtown and enjoyed the nice veggie Indian buffet at Masala for lunch, did a bit of comics shopping and then had coffee at Prairie Lights. Home for naps or ladder building depending on personal needs. The ladder to the loft is done now and it is huge. And heavy. And sturdy. Yeah! Just need a strong body or two to help us lift the bed up there.

Cody went to hang out with a friend tonight and I watched a video about a feller who hiked the AT in 2003. It was nice to see all the scenery and what not and many places that I saw and stayed and even a couple of people I met. He was a grumpy sort who complained a lot but hey, so did I. I just didn’t make a video of my suffering and sell it on the internet. Crud..

I am still having little luck with photo posting, I will work on it. If you want to see pictures of our finished sleeping loft check out the Art Bike Cat link to the right, somebody knows how to post photos around here!


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