I was going to update my blog, but I got drunk

Last night Cody and I had an amazing meal at the Red Avocado. Of all the restaurants we frequent it is definitely the most fulfilling experience, time after time. This night was special as we were using a gift certificate Cody got for her AmeriCorps service so we went wild with tasty teas and a fine seasonal bruschetta before our entrees arrived. We even got a dessert! Our friend Rachel was our server and it was a great night out.

We came home and watched the Strangers With Candy movie. We drank beers. I passed out.

Last night was the first night we slept in the new loft and it was great. Kitty free sleeping until 4:30 am when Ritchie braved the ladder and came up to sniff around. He is a brave and acrobatic little feller who can be seen high in trees and even on top of the shed from time to time so it was no surprise that he got up first. Wayne is not so agile, we will see if he gets lonely enough to try.

Only other big news from yesterday:

2+ hour fast ride on gravel and through mud with the usual Iowa City folks.

I dropped a big rubbermade tub full of sheets on my head while getting down from a high shelf and my glasses got bent, badly. McDonald Optical fixed them right up. Lucky.

Did the first salvage run with Del from the Bike Library! I rode a sweet BL unit with the 8 foot cargo trailer and Del had his recumbent with a BOB trailer. We took 255 pounds of stripped bicycles to salvage and got $35 for our troubles! Went straight to the Deadwood and got tanked, er, that’s $35 for the BL general fund! Of course there are pictures, I will now take 30 minutes to see if I can post them here. Lucky?



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    hi, tech! words AND photos–what’s this little corner of the cyber world coming to?
    lawd, have mercy!

    did i shout that too loud? sorry, mr. pickle.

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