Onion in my grilled cheese!

It’s Friday afternoon, normally I would be finishing up the work week about now and getting ready to roll home but this being the beginning of the end of spring break I have been home all day! I did get out for a bit, I bought supplies to better our loft ladder and make it more Wayne friendly. I also went for a ride (gravel out West Branch way, swung back to Solon and in, 2.5hrs) with some folks, one poor guy who is getting ready for transiowa. We chatted a bit about it and boy did he ever ride hard! I came in early with most of the group, actually. Heh. This ride gave me 21 hours of pedaling this week, which is unusual for me anymore. It felt really good and I even had some intensity in there so we will see how the year goes, seems good so far.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich when I got home and we had some onion sitting out on the cutting board from our BBQ tofu sandwiches at lunch so I chopped some up and put it in the grilled cheese. It took a while to get the sandwich in my belly and by the time I took a bite I had forgotten about the onion – what a pleasant surprise!

Yesterday was an amazingly productive day around here. I cleaned and organized the shed which was very trashed from the building of the loft. I had a fire to burn some of the built up wood scrap that was piled against the shed. I took my Bridgestone with its new and exciting horizantal drops to the BL and put it back together! I also helped Holly take a bottom bracket out of her “Vagiant” farm bike so she can get a new one for it. I went on the group ride (Morse West Branch, 2 hrs) and finished at the front on my cross bike and I stayed in the little ring for the whole ride just to make it “easier?” which I later realized was not the right thing to do…

So that is where I am at, hope all three of my readers are doing as well as I!

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  1. 1

    there’s no business
    like “racing in the snow” business,
    like no business that i know…

    we’re having fun in the heartland today.
    i laugh at these roller racers
    making debuts on the roads today: ha ha.

  2. 2

    mr pickle–you blogclock is 5 hours fast.
    you REALLY sprung ahead!

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