Spring Break Wrap Up

Its another glorious day here in Iowa City, sun shining, squirrels scurrying, cats sleeping in the sun upstairs. Cody and I went for a nice ss townie ride this morning and stopped at Grounds for Dessert for coffee.

Fine coffee and treats!

It was nice to be out, I am rounding off an amazing week of riding that has me feeling fit as a fiddle once more.

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of riding gravel to Columbus City with Kenny Lefler. He is getting ready to ride the tranny in 6 weeks and after too long away from his bicycles as his wife battled cancer he is looking lean and mean and riding strong and steady.

We had some entertaining dog encounters and talked about durned near everything. In Columbus City we met Jim who was on the last leg of his week long spring break tour. We hung around the C-Store for a bit and I had some awesome BIMBO snack cakes before we rolled back in. It was a great ride and I think Kenny is on track for a strong tranny ride.

After the ride I got to go for a ride in a car! A rare occurence in my life that always makes me feel as excited as a dog. Brian and I went to Altoona to pick up his shiny new couch! It is huge! We stopped for gas ($60?!?!?) and ate greasy gas station food!

Home again and Cody and I had planned to enjoy Thai Flavors for dinner but they were not answering their phone so as we slid down the slippery slope of blood sugar depletion we made a desperate call to Taste of China and got veggies with bean curd. I rode to get it while Cody got us situated at the neighbors (we are cat sitting) with a fine art video from the library. Eat, watch, sleep.

All in all a fine spring break for me with lots of housework, relaxing and riding. And I started a blog, too and am (slowly) figuring out how to add photos!

Oh yeah, BL rental bench this afternoon, we had our first paying guest last Sunday!


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    altoona? that must be one damned shiny couch! i scored thai food for you yesterday: my second dinner of the day was yellow chicken curry from thai flavors in des moines. four hours earlier, i had a scrumptious pasta/veggie/sausage concoction at home.
    glad you found jimmy.

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