I Know Why The Caged MockingBrr Sings

I am going to try and use my blog to archive some of my travels of old as well as new so I think I have to post everything here in order to do that. I will investigate and organize things here as best I can. This is a ride report from February 2006 that I wrote in response to a Rick Hopson ride report on one of those other bikeiowa websites:

The other half of the story.

Not nearly as well attended as Rick’s 17th (or therebouts’) annual IC to
Brr ride was gpickle’s 1st annual DM to IC ride which occured the Sunday
after Brr. I did not go to Brr this year, I was in Des Moines for the Iowa
Bicycle Summit and Donut Eating contest. I did not witness the Donut
Eating contest but at the gala dinner that night it was easy to tell that
Mr. Schwinn had won it! He was just lucky Eppen wasn’t there…..

So I rode from Des Moines back to Iowa City. I do not have NEARLY as much
to say about my ride as Rick did about his but this was my first ride. Be
patient! In 2023 (or therebouts’) I too plan to write an epic saga about
my many rides from Capital City to the Old Capital and the weather
patterns, interpersonal relationships and component failures that made them
suck or not. To the report, then!

I left Des Moines at 9 am sharp and the temperature was 14F. My long time
legal counsel and designated sprinter Kim told me to just ride out
University for 20 miles or so to Prairie City and then use the smaller,
quieter roads. Just what I did, too. I don’t know when the last time was
Kim did this, but to any of you kids out there I would urge another route.
The speed limit steadily increased until I was riding on a divided 4 lane
road posted at 65 miles per. Unpleasant! I made it to Prairie City,
missed my turn, rode through a big ditch and made it to Caseys. Stopped in
to replace the brick of ice in my bottle with water and was on my way. I
got lost, wound up on gravel, saw a water tower really far away, rode
towards it to get an idea of where I was, found comfort when I got close
enough to it to see that I was in IOWA. Crud. Rode back the other way,
still on gravel, got chased by some dogs, my bikes shifting sucked, the
gravel was rough and roads were hilly. I worried I was going to break my
chain but did not want to stop and fix the shifting as it was still very
cold. Got on pavement!

Started rolling and figured out where I was in no time. Pavement was quite
bumpy for a time but then it got smooth again. Adversity overcome! made
it to Montezuma and stopped at the K&G for lunch. Spent about 20 minutes
eating and getting warm. The cashier told me I was crazy as I was leaving.
In all the time I had been sitting there she never once questioned the
sanity of the tobacco buyers or the folks putting $40.00 worth of gas in
their StupidUselessVehicles. I hit the road and upped the pace a bit to
stay warm. It worked. Made it to Parnell at 3 and was feeling swell so I
slowed some and made it into Iowa City at 4:30. ISB&T showed me that it
was 27F. I HAD DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE! Err…. Well, I had made it home and
bagged my first century (+) of the year. I took a shower, had dinner, etc.
This story has to end sometime and this seems as good a time as


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  1. 1

    pickle, the roads really aren’t that bad, and i HAVE ridden them within the last couple years. so there.

  2. 2

    […] to get lunch and even a shower before the meeting at 3.  I had only done this ride in one shot once before so I thought I could do it in 7 or 8 hours.  Oh the folly of me!  Certain factors came to play […]

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