Happy / Unhappy Returns

Today I saw an old friend who I had not seen in quite some time. His name is Razbo and he is our neighbors cat. He went missing some time ago and being a young male with full “particulars” and no collar to boot we all thought him lost forever or adopted by some good family Warbucks somewhere and living in kitty luxury. Not true! He was at the animal shelter and who knows how he got there but it does not matter because he is back! He looks a lot like the love child of Wayne and Ritchie and has lots of sass. We like him and are happy he is back, not sure what the cats think.

In sadder news, I went back to work yesterday. Boo! Boo! Cooking for the overprivleged is such a drag. It is just 8 weeks till summer! I have been doing my job for long enough that I can just jump right back in with little trouble. After work yesterday we had the follow up meeting to last weeks Bike to Work Week fiasco meeting. Lots accomplished as lots of folks were there so hopefully the ball is rolling again and we will once again have a fabulous week of events.

Riding continues, the group ride tonight was the feared “Edens Loop” and it was windy and tough, I made the selection but got REALLY tired so I sat up north of Lone Tree and rode in solo. About 2 hours 30 mins total. Brian Eppen was riding his single speed cross bike and killing us, demoralizing to be sure. But we must have been flying in the group as I only got caught by one feller and not till close to town, either that or everyone crashed, not unlikely…


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