Plastic Utopia

Today was a relaxation day! Work was easy as I had already made the lunch “entree” before leaving yesterday. Dinner was easy too due to the wonders of “kitchen science” which is responsible for things like “mystery meat” and the very real and really scary “Corn Dog“.

I got away for a library visit and a delicious coffee beverage and croissant. It was a warm and stormy day and it was good to get out in it.

After work I took my single speed mountain bike out for its first ride since Tom Teesdale put in the horizantal drops. It was a joy, quiet and smooth like I always dreamed it would be. It had stopped raining earlier so there were lots of folks out running and walking and I even saw some smooching! Oh-la-la! I rode easy for about an hour and kept mostly to the Iowa City Bike Path System. I am not a fan of bicycle paths (okay, multi-use paths) as I feel bicycles belong on the roads and in the streets but that does not mean I don’t use them. After all, they are there and it is nice to ride and not be hassled every once in a while. I am not a fan of taxes either but I still pay them and don’t get me started about Texas! I had a good stretch after the ride and am feeling good in general about my fitness and form at this time of year.


Cody is having a rough day, send her your positive thoughts!


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  1. 1

    ira ryan said,

    ))))))))))))good thoughts, cody(((((((((((((((

  2. 2

    leslie said,

    Cody, keep breathing! Deep breaths…

    And Steve, how do you make a corndog? Not that I want to eat one, I just don’t quite get the allure of the corndog. Tell me about it-

    🙂 laf

  3. 3

    cody g. said,

    Hey, it worked! Thanks all!

    Good thoughts… deep breaths… good thoughts… deep breaths…

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    I don’t purport to know how to MAKE a corndog, but I can heat up a case of pre-cooked ones in 30 minutes flat! Nice to hear from you Leslie, and everyone else, too!

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