Lose/Win Situations

I have been away for awhile (not really, I spent hours yesteday sprucing up the TIVO story in the upper right corner) and much has happened. Lets look at my days out of order, shall we?

Today was the annual rite of spring, the Kent Park Semi-Classic and I got myself a license and took the start with 130 other folks or so. This is a mass start (sort of, categories are started at small intervals) event with lots of hills and, in general, a few people who have been travelling to races and doing intervals in their basements and stuff for months already and they usually kick butt. I am not one of those people and it showed. I did okay and was mostly happy with the way I rode for the fitness I have. A few trips into the ditch in the crosswind did me no favors and I ultimatly rode in for 36th place, I hear, but I also was the first rider registered 30+ to finish and thus I still won a case of beer that I did not pick up because I had already left. Oh yeah, I rode out to the race with some friends and that was nice. This was the warmest Kent Park in my memory and I am glad I went.

Thursday night then, I went on the group ride (Sugar Bottom-Tiffin loop) after work and it was hard. I turned in early with a group after a long effort that saw me victorious on the Pepsi Challenge and second in the first sprint. I almost got dropped on the way to North Liberty but I found the motivation to stay on. Probably a 2 hour ride.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a warm and rainy day here in Iowa’s Old Capital and I celebrated by staying inside and working on my blog. I also dug my AT journals out of the basement as I am going to try and start posting some of the pages here and it was some fun reading. Cody and I had a coffee date in the afternoon after the rain had moved on and then I had a meeting with Michael at the Broken Spoke about my coming summer employment. After that I got out for a quick ride on my singlespeed (Fuji) for an hour to loosen my legs before racing Sunday morning.

Friday was a good day! I had a fine and dandy time at work and did some contract negotiating for next year that resulted in my being able to leave at 4pm on Fridays for the rest of the year! Yeah! Cody and I went to see the artist Dread Scott at a lecture he was giving at the Old Capital. I had not been in the Old Cap since its remodel and fire so it was good to see it and Dread Scott was a very intelligent and interesting speaker with a mohawk. He was very approachable and made plans to meet folks out for drinks later in the evening. This is the kind of thing that makes Iowa City such a great place to live, but I do think the community could use more discussions like these.

Today, Sunday, I opened the rental bench at the BL again and it was hopping! No paying guests, but lots of wrenching going on and we listened to The Monkees. I did an upright conversion on a sweet Austro-Daimler by Puch that is almost ready for some lucky person to take it off some sweet jumps. Lucky. Home for an art video with Cody and that is all.

later on…


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    ira ryan said,

    one of my favorite memories of bike racing is of kent park back in the day. cold, quiet and foggy. standing at the top of hill and not being able to see beyond the fog but being able to hear the whir of freewheels across the water was a magical moment. i think jason won that day by a considerable margin with chris lillig coming in second racing for the ordinary. jason also rode out to the race as a warm up. true grit.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    I think I may have been at that Kent Park as well, I remember Mongo shearing off a Time pedal on one of the climbs and beating his rear wheel back into “true” on a stump for fun.

    Oh yeah, the results were posted today and I actually finished 32nd not 36th which is way better, right?

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