My Day, In Brief Detail

Cody and I were up with the chickens this morning and had the laundry done and the cats fed and Frontline(d) before they knew what had hit em! Traumatic the monthly Frontline(ing) for them and us but we manage. I had a dandy day at work, ran a backpack full of grocery bags back to the store for recycling for my midday break/ride and handled the NYT crossword easily. I know, its just Monday. Back home I finished reading The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd which was enormously entertaining and then I worked on my flickr photo posting skills.

Here is GIANT Cody in the loft

Here are our kitties enjoying their new hideaway

And here are Cody and I at a Bike To Work Week event last year

Oh alright and here is one more, snowy day loaded up and ready to ride to ski

You have to look close but the skis are sticking out of a pvc pipe hose clamped to my rack. This system is pretty empowering to the car-free skier.

Later on…


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  1. 1

    the loft looks GREAT!!! and, yes, cody, you HAVE grown!

  2. 2

    love the photos. i got your blog from my brother john. he adores you guys. i can see why!

  3. 3

    Tarik said,

    Can you post a bigger pic of your xc ski carriers? I am probably going to do the same at some point, although I have to climb 2000 feet to get to the xc ski place here…

  4. 4

    gpickle said,

    Yes Tarik, I would love to share photos of the ski carrier that are a bit easier to see, I will work on it. We are already done with ski season so the pvc is up in the shed rafters but I will pull it down and shoot a few close up pics to post here!

    Oh yeah, basically it is just a 2 foot section of pvc with hose clamps that wrap around the vertical stay of my rear rack. Elegant and coooool…

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