This Post Is Rated?

Well, I have not updated my blog since Wednesday and I apologize to all of my dedicated readers and endeavor to do better in the future. We’ll see. I have been up to the same old same old, mostly. Working, riding and sleeping. I had this funny exchange with a delivery driver at work this week:

Him (boldly): So sorority girls can’t cook for themselves?
Me (startled): Huh?
Him (sarcasm): I thought mommy and daddy sent their little angels to school to, like, learn how to live life and stuff…
Me (seriously) : Uh, well I guess if they wanted them to learn how to cook they would send them to culinary school.
Him (angry?confused?): Oh I went to culinary school but then I got screwed over because I came to Iowa where you need to have 15 years (!) experience to get a job in a kitchen anywhere
Me (interupting): I just need you to take that cardboard to recycle, thanks!

He did, albeit grumpily. Poor fellow…!

I did the College Green ride on Thursday, the last “preseason” group ride so I was content to take it easy. Next week the regular season begins! This weekend there are a couple of races in Des Moines, and I am happy to not be there. I road for 2 hours yesterday morning, hit some gravel, it was great! Threat of rain but I brought rain gear so it held off. I did send my registration for the Decorah Time Trial yesterday, this will be the first mountain bike race I have done in years, should be entertaining. I love the 9 mile distance, much better than the 320 my chums will be rolling on Trans Iowa while I sleep, have breakfast, ride, lunch, relax, dinner, beers, sleep, breakfast, race, lunch, etc… Maybe they will finish while I am racing, who knows.

Started work at the Broken Spoke then. Good first day, I built a bike that sold, sold a used bike that a friend of mine used to own, adjusted the derailleurs on a 20″ wheel kids 2X suspended mountain bike which always makes me sad but what can you do, his grandpa thought he was doing the kid a favor. Fixed a flat for a guy who only made it 1.7 miles from his car before the damn thing blew! I also swapped a couple of tires and ran new brake cable and housing on a classic Raliegh 3 speed. I love working at bike shops!

Friday night I did an hour SS ride with Jim and we wound up downtown for a beer. As we were locking up our bikes we saw Jack and James of ATLAS World Grill fame (proud sponsors of our team) and the Thrillaah (local Cat 1 racer) so they joined us and one beer turned into 3. It was nice to catch up with James who used to be my boss and what a swell guy he is, he picked up the tab for all of us.

Another rainy day on tap today (sunday) and I have to open the IC Bike Library Rental Bench this afternoon, hope to get out for a ride also.

A photo of days gone by

Ira and I were ambushed by an armored cavalry regiment just north of Des Moines while riding to RAGBRAI. Thanks to the photo journalist who captured this moment so that we could later reminisce over beers about the day we saved each others lives.

One last thing, Cody and I tried to watch The Devil Wears Prada last night but only made it 11 minutes in. We thought it was going to be about the devil! We were determined to watch a movie and we had also gotten This Film Is Not Yet Rated from the library so that is what we watched and it was great. It is very easy to accept the world we live in and not think about how it got that way. This film takes on the Motion Picture Association and the rules they use that affect all of our lives. I am not just talking about not being able to get into an R rated movie because you forgot your ID. These shadowy people decide how much violence and sex people should be able to see at what age. Research seems to indicate that they are allowing far too much violence and they have very biased views about “acceptable” sex. I can’t explain it all, just watch the film, its important!

Later on…


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    Cody G. said,

    My goodness, but you boys were brave. I just get all misty-eyed, and, well… god bless america!

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