Group Ride!

Tonight was the official start of the Tues/Thurs College Green group rides. Having the afternoon off as I did I had made plans to ride for an hour and a half or so before the ride with Jim, but the weather was cold and windy and getting colder and windier by the hour. We opted for the one hour warm up and rode over the dam of the reservoir. Very windy! We hit the ride and most of the usual suspects were there and then Jason rolled up, too. We rolled out so we did not have to shiver waiting for the slow-pokes to arrive and did the Sugarbottom – Tiffin loop. It was hard, I hope I get in shape someday. Nice catching up with Jason, he has been in Europe but is around for another week or two. I was a bonehead and tried to hold his wheel when we he drilled it with the super duper tailwind into town and I did, for a while, but he ultimatly dropped me. I looked back and saw that we had gapped everyone, I should have asked him to throttle back a bit for me but ah well, its not every ride I get dropped by a Discovery rider, its usually just some dude on a carbon bike. Three hours of riding, yipee!

When I got home I finished reading Monkey Food which is another Ellen Forney comics collection detailling her 1970’s youth. These stories are really funny. Really. And well drawn, too. I highly recommend to you the work of Ellen Forney – you owe it to yourself!


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    you get dropped by jason, while i hunker down, letting my back get better, so i can go out and drop the “europros” who populate capitol city.
    life is so random–and not always well-drawn,
    but often well-drawn-out.

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