Our Slice Of Pie

Here are some photos of our home and toys!

First up, the shed! Note the tandem hanging from the side and “crap” everywhere. Doesn’t seem to bother our neighbor Razbo, though! He likes to play with leaves and nuts and such and we have lots of those around… Check out that enormous pile of sticks! We’re working on it, we got three with the house and are down to just one.

Next, our super sweet single speed townies! Check out the personal choices that make these bikes special like Cody’s basket and my riser bar and that super sweet front wheel and the Dyno-Mite(!) flite saddle and them blue mels fenders and a Mafac “Racer” rear brake with big red brake pads! We love our single speeds!

Here is the result of our loft project, the bedroom is now Cody’s art studio. It still needs some work but it is much better than the nook behind the couch was. And check out that ladder we made!

Top down view of the ladder. Yeah, those are weights. We’re buff…

Almost done! Here is the other half of the loft, presented with Ritchie.

Last one for now, my other townie, without its back wheel as I needed it for my cross bike. This bike is awesome! It weighs almost 35 lbs and I can carry just about anything on it. Check out those grips, they’re huge – double cork wrapped Ergons. Steel riser bar. Racy Rolf front wheel. Super sweet Schwinn Approved front rack and authentic Jim Blackburn rear rack. Steel fenders and the crank off my old Motobecane that kicked the bucket just over a year ago. Wald basket, ESSE kicker and one heck of a mudflap, too!

There you have it, I got the afternoon off and I am going to get out for a windy ride now. Later on…


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