photo stolen from bike portland

As my friend Ralph once said, “Look the fuck out for drunk clowns, tough guy.”
Wise words, I suppose…

Cody and I are going to burn some fossil fuel this weekend! We are heading north to Minneapolis to the Walker to check out some ART!

Kara Walker is the exhibit that Cody most wants to see so off we go! We are going to stay with my old college chums Mark and Wendy and their pets, should be good times!

Group ride tonight was cold and windy and hard. We went out and back to Solon with a nice diversion through a neighborhood that has speed bumps and sandy corners and stuff. Group got blowed up, I made the foolhardy move of rotating with Jason, Eppen and The Adult and then pulling a large incline. I got tired, they rode away and I rode in with the second group of folks who were smart enough to have sat in. Good 2 hour ride, hard, I hope I get faster some day.

Later on…


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    stay AWAKE, and drive carefully, kiddos. give my regards to mark and wendy, and if i knew their animals, i’d include their names, too.

    have fun, and don’t have a coronary when you fill the tank; they raised prices because they knew you’d be traveling.

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