What We Did

So we were in Minneapolis hanging out, here is what we did!

We rented a red car and threw the Bike Library rack on it, loaded up our singlespeeds and drove north.

We went to Mark and Wendy’s house and took off right quick to go to Hiawatha Cyclery which Mark thought we would enjoy. He was right. We have a small rando community here in Iowa City but no shops carry anything other than the occasional nitto stem or bar. This place was amazing and the feller manning the store (Jim) was super friendly and excited about bikes. We bought one of these:

Which will come in lots and lots of handy at the BL. Tell me what it is and win a prize, but it might just be a congratulations. But it could be something exciting! I will tell you where to get one if you want, too. Cody bought a super cool cycling cap made from an old shirt and I bought a copy of Bicycle Quarterly. We have been meaning to subscribe for a while now and keep forgetting so now that an issue is sitting on the coffee table we should finally get to it.

After leaving Hiawatha we journeyed (by car, sucky and polluty but oh so warm and fast and comfy just like the auto industry says) to the Blue Nile Restaurant and ate some amazing Ethiopian food. We had never had any before and we looked like newbies looking for silverware and such but everyone was polite and said nothing. I had a couple of beers from Surly Brewing Company and boy is their beer ever not for me! Just a matter of time before they join forces with these folks I imagine…

Back to the house then to sleep with this little purr machine:

Jeesh did Mark and I ever tell lots of stories, we had some good times back in Ames, IA when we were in college!

Up the next morning and Mark gave us the super escort to downtown, today we would ride bikes! Mark is not much for townie miles so he rocked the chamois, super-pro time style. It was downright wintry with a strong north wind and it was 16f when we left I think. We rode downtown and it was dreamy, not much traffic and such. We went to the Seward Cafe for breakfast and that place is awesome, check it out if you get up there!

Here is Mark at the counter. The place was hopping and what a friendly staff! I almost collapsed at the counter due to no food, it showed up just in time.

After the meal we rolled over to the Walker Art Center to see the sights. Kara Walker’s exhibit was powerful and the museum is great. It was free Saturday so kids and screaming were abundant. We had lunch and looked at more art and left in the late afternoon hours. Mark was going to meet us for more tour guidery and I gave him a call

Mark was still out in the chamois! We met at One On One, Cody and I found our way all by ourselves! The shop was as cool as advertised, not like any other shop I have ever been in. Gene Oberpiller himself gave us the rundown on things and everyone there was friendly and happy, it seemed. They were setting up a poster party for bike people and we wandered around. The basement is amazing! Check it out:

Mark and I did!

After lurking about in the basement and oohing and aahing and having a coffee we were ready to go, Marks chamlet was almost done!

We rode down the street to a comic book store and a book store but the energy was fading, we rode back to the house. Mark took a shower and Wendy and Cody and I worked on dinner. Wendy had a great recipe for wild rice and cheese soup, it was fabulous with salad and bread. Stayed up too late telling more stories and drinking a few beers. Good times!

The next morning Cody and I went for coffee at Caribou (Caripoo as we found out) and did the big ugly drive home. We ate at Perkins! Happy to be home now, but we would like to go spend some more time in the Twin Cities.


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  1. 1

    it’s a tool for extracting the copper middle from the center of a quarter.
    it’s the tastiest part!

  2. 2

    biggest chain pin tool EVER.

    or a cottered crank driver.

  3. 3

    petes is the BIGGEST fools this side of dubyas.
    thanks for your supports!

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