So its snowing, not enough to ski on and certainly not enough to merit digging the snowshoes out of the shed, but its snowing just the same.

Did the group ride last night, we were shooting for an Edens loop but as we approached Hwy 22 it started to mist heavily and I decided to turn around and “make a run for it” with the strong tailwind. A few smart fellows turned around immeadiatly and with a simple shift of the front der our 14 mph became 30. Everyone else turned around but their hesitation cost them the chance at victory which was taken by the always tenacious Jim Cochran. It sure was fun to rotate at 30+ for 10 miles or whatever that stretch is, and we stayed out in front of the rain, too. Bonus.

Cody has a “zine pal” coming to visit tonight so we will be hosting. He lives in LA and is coming out to Iowa to see his favorite band from his high school days play at a grungy bar. He must be cooler than me because my favorite band in high school was Def Leppard or some such excuse for music. We will find out tonight!

In other news, I have been offered nomination to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition Bored of Directors, what should I do? I am on the advisory comittee now and moving to the board would actually give me some say in directing policy and such, but it has proven to be a hassle since I first started offering my help to them. I enjoy working with the Bike Library and organizing Bike to Work Week here in Iowa City and maybe I should just throw myself totally into them? I ask for guidance, E-Friends!


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    snow!?! i think you should go for the position pickle. it sounds like it would be a lot of work but you seem a good person for the job.

  2. 2

    Jay said,

    I say go for it! As you said, this way your ideas/opinions would carry a little more weight. From what I’ve seen/read, you have some pretty good ideas that could really benefit the local cyclist community.

  3. 3

    i think you should NOT do it. it’s much easier to blame mark for everything, because i don’t know him very well, and you know how hard it is to disprove a non-negativee…or prove a negative…or is it how easy it is to disprove a … anyway, if YOU were on the board, then i would KNOW if you were responsible, and i’d have to found and become president of the gpickle fan club, LLC, and you KNOW i don’t look as good in pom poms as you and d bax.
    so there you have it.
    it’s up to you. but don’t say i didn’t warn you.
    [can you get me tickets to see the cardboard cowboy at next year’s dinner?]

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