Good Sensations

One of my favorite things to hear the Euro-Pros say after their early season races is that they were not able to contest the victory for this reason or that but that they had good sensations during the race. Cool! I understand what they mean and I must say that after a few discouraging weeks of riding I myself am starting to feel some good sensations out there. Training works. Ride, rest, repeat and low and behold, you get faster. I think I first felt the good sensations on last Thursdays ride when we raced the rain in and I felt more in the knobby race this past weekend when I was spinning that 34X17 for all it was worth down the wide open sections and not just holding folks off but passing them, too. Then on tonights ride, still feeling a bit tired and sore from that knobby race I rode hard and felt them good sensations again, even if I got dropped. The group was down to eight of us or so at that point and I got pinched in the wind (we were not playing nice tonight) and was off. I got caught by two and could not even see anyone else behind. Crazy. So we kept rolling out to Cedar Bluff and turned in. The group turned around in Cedar Bluff so they came at us fast and we got swept up in the tempest. It was crazy, people attacking, bridging, getting dropped. At one point I was all alone behind a group of three and I started yelling at them to wait up. They didn’t. Punks. So anyways, we even got wrapped up in the “b” ride and we dropped even more people and it all came together before the last sprint (amazing) and a truck was in the middle of things and the Adult and the Thrillaaah and Jim sprinted around that thing in the oncoming traffic lane into a blind corner! Crazy! We all survived, I rode myself silly and am happy to say that I felt good sensations even though it hurt a lot. This is my third “on” week so I will be taking some rest then before the Decorah tt, that will also provide me with some good sensations, I imagine.

Things I do not like to hear the Euro-Pros say:

I have never tested positive.
I want to put all of that behind me now and show that I can win 100% clean.
The morphine found in my sock drawer was intended for my dog.
The dentist gave me cocaine before a procedure.
Oh, wait, I mean my grandma gave me some Colombian chocolate that must have had cocaine in it.
I did what I had to do to win le Tour, if I die when I am 50 that is my problem.

Last thing, here is a link to a slideshow of photos (with audio, too!) from the knobby race, none of me “in action” but one of me demonstrating “inaction” although the trained eye will see that I am actually doing product placement for this feller.

later on…


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  1. 1

    friendlybook said,

    you’re doing decorah!? one word: yay!

  2. 2

    i don’t know what i love more. the sweet green ira ryan hat or the mini mullet creeping out from under said green hat. both give me good sensations. hehe.

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