I like me!

What a whirlwind of a day. I forgot my work keys. It was a big day as I was making soup from scratch and my food rep was coming in to take the order for next week but what could I do. No keys means no storage room or refrigerator access. So I rode home to get the keys and then back to work. I was late. When I worked in a somewhat real restaurant the chef used to say “We’re in the weeds” which meant it was time to put on the “Go-boots” and work really hard for a while. So I did. Chaos was averted and the ungrateful women of Just Another Sorority were fed their tasty soup on time. Whew!

Here are a few pictures of the very nice kitchen I command

This is the counters and stove/oven and slicer and cabinets and serving things and such.

This is the other side of things, my “office” complete with really loud refrigerators that run just about all the time. Once I am rendered deaf I plan legal action!

This is the storage room that you can just see a peek of in the last photo. Sorry its so blurry. Look at all that food!

In the afternoons I generally can sneak away for an hour or so. I get coffee, go to the library, sit in the sun (seasonal), run errands, etc… Today I had some errands to run so here is what I did.

Left work on my singlespeed knobby bike with an enormous but light trash bag of plastics to be recycled as well as a backpack full of grocery sacks fated for the same. Went first to the City of Iowa City HQ to pay our utility bill. Paid that sucker in full in no time flat. Rode home to pick up some home recycling and pet happy cats in the sun.
Left home with more recycling on my person, rode to Hy-Vee North Dodge to do some business. Dropped the recycling in the appropriate bins outside, locked up the bike and in for some shopping.
Shopping spree begins, I have to stock up on a few things for the Just Another Sorority brunch I have to do on Sunday. I get lots of stuff, don’t have to pay for any of it! Yeah!
Leave Hy-Vee with nothing, they deliver!
Back at work, what a productive hour and no car required! Stupid cars.

After work I did the College Green ride. I was tired and knew it and my motivation was lacking but I figured I would go anyways as this is the last ride of my planned 3 week “build” and I wanted to get the most out of this one. Same route as Tuesday, maybe not quite as hard but we still busted the group down small (6) and I could feel myself getting more and more tired with every pathetic pull I took. We turned in and I kept playing the same game, pulling just enough to get really tired but hoping to finish the ride with the group because that would be the fastest ride in. I got dropped. Ah well, rode in slow and easy with David, who had also gotten dropped at some point and I am happy to be home and warm and ready for a rest week! Yeah rest week!

Other news, I have been reading the Peanuts books that are being released of the strips in order from the beginning. They are great and the library just got a new one, into the 60’s we go! Check them out if you are inclined, Charles Schulz is amazing!

I gotta say it was a good day.


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  1. 1

    i like you too g. steve pickle.

  2. 2

    i wanna get me some of that just another sorority cash.
    thank you for the tour de kitchen, too: a lawsuit waiting to happen.
    save the photos.

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