1,000 Words ≠ 1 Picture

It has been another busy weekend around these parts and quite a few things occured that would have been best conveyed to the worldwideweb with a photo but I did not have the family camera with me so poop on me. You will now have to read my long winded explanations.

Today I had to prepare brunch for an undisclosed number of the overprivileged at Just Another Sorority so I did. It was a tremendous amount of muffins and cinnamon rolls and the like. Moms and dads and families drove into Iowa City from all over the midwest to celebrate Earth Day with their daughters. Maybe some flew in. I rode my bike in to cook for them. After brunch was made and eaten and cleaned up I went downtown and got me an iced coffee (the weather has been super this weekend!) and moseyed over to the Bike Library for some quality Rental Bench time with like minded folk. It was crazy busy for a while as everyone (figuratively) stopped in to ask questions and donate bikes and buy helmets and talk about Barack Obama and what not. B.O. was in Iowa City to celebrate Earth Day and presumably try and convince some of us sophisticated Iowa voters to pick him to be the democratic party’s presidential nominee. We’ll see.

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I love rest weeks. No training means free time! I was up early and out the door with Cody to ride with her to her Saturday workshop. I left her to her influencing of impressionable youth and rode to the Bike Library to pick up the 8 foot Bikes At Work trailer. I am only equipped with single speed townie choices right now as my truck needs a spoke replaced in the rear wheel so I decided to take advantage of my enviable postion as a BL keyholder and steal a bike! There was a sweet $90.00 unit ready to go and I pulled that tag off right quick and hooked the trailer up to that beauty. It was a nice Fuji with a BL special upright conversion plus it had fenders and thumbshifters and a bottle cage even! Okay I suppose it is right and fair to let you know that I was not really stealing the bike, I was running official BL business. I took the overflowing trash can to our dumpster, which is far away for some reason. After a successful trash run I hightailed it back with the can and dropped it off so I could quick do another crime! Seedy business this car free living. I went to the New Pi Co-Op and boosted four pallets from their magic stack-o-nine-pallets. I may sound like an Enron executive at this point in my long winded tale and again I must come clean with you. I had permission from the grocery manager (photo unavailable) to take the pallets. I rode the pallets home for our compost expansion project and then rode back to the BL to drop off the trailer and get that awesome bike back so that it could be checked out by a needy citizen.

I made it back at 10:00am just as the doors were opening and I stuck around for an hour or so to help with the crush of eager checker-outers. It was fun to be there, I have been missing out on retail hours because I have been busy. Finally got away, rode home, had lunch, went to the Broken Spoke to work the afternoon away. That wraps up the weekend that was, mostly, and I am sorry for the lack of pictures. I will get better, I promise!

Next weekend is a trip to Decorah to race the mountain bike tt and watch the trans iowa roll out of town. Should be a good time, later on…

Okay, like a hidden track on a cd, here are a couple of pictures for you, loyal fan and reader! Thanks for sticking with me till the end. For real.

Lets Hear It For The Boys!


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