Road Find!

The always enjoyable rest week continues, though I must admit my day at work yesterday was decidedly not enjoyable. Almost done, at least. I finally got motivated to get out for a townie last night on my singlespeeder and it was a beautiful night. I ran into a Bike Library volunteer who was also out riding. I ran into an old friend from the WOB days who was sweeping his sidewalks and what do you know, he and the missus had a baby! Max is his name, he joins older sis Natalie and cutest dog I’ve seen in a while Josie. Congrats.

So I was Just Riding Along when I saw this crusty thing lying in the ditch, I had to stop and take it home with me, free is free.

After the ride I went to the grocery store to get foods for us and then came home and who should be sitting on the couch but Jim Cochran, just back from Georgia! I dropped the food with Cody and rode Jim home so we could catch up. He had been at the Tour of Georgia and had some good stories to share. When I got home Cody had baked potatos ready so I ate one. Thanks Cody!

Inspired by the potato mayhap or just tired of my shaggy mop of hair, I shaved my head.

I used to be a long hair but now I find that the shaved head life is the best, I recommend it if you have never tried it.

Ira is flying into Iowa today, hooray!

I got into Chequamegon, hooray!

The year of the knobby bike will continue, hooray!


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