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I am feeling a wee tinsy bit sick. I do not like to be sick, like most people. Tonight I was going to hit the group ride anyway, using Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenters book (the only book about training I have ever read-it even mentions Michael Fatka!) as an excuse to head out into the rainy and cool Iowa evening to train. Its in there, they say its okay to train while sick! At least they did 20 years ago…

Long story short, I stayed in. I feel a compulsion to train as I have a couple of my season “goals” in the next six weeks and I want to do well in them. I am planning a long ride (200k) with lots of gravel for Sunday morning before the Bike Library Rental Bench and I think that will serve me better than a 40 mile butt kicker of a College Green ride. Maybe I am wrong. Ira called me 2 weeks before Trans Iowa saying he did not feel he had enough miles in and I assured him he would be fine because of his superior mental flavor. He won, so I will take my own advice and be happy just to ride well and finish strong.

I would like to get out for some more mountain biking this Saturday but the weather is looking uncooperative so we shall see. Tomorrow morning Cody and I have the bike commuter breakfast at the BL, I am going to bake some cinnamon rolls (out of a can, sorry) and we will have coffee of course, if anybody who reads this can drop by tomorrow morning that would be swell!

To the resting and the feeling better then and I wish the same to you!


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    get weller sooner, crusty. i wish i had been there for a roll in the can, and a cup o joe.

  2. 2

    Gretchen! said,

    Hey Steve! Hope you feel better! I emailed Cody a bit ago, not sure if she got it…hope
    you are both doing well. I decided to get a blog as well, you are welcome to check it
    out. I hope to keep in touch with you and Cody…even though you are old and crusty,
    you make me smile…and isn’t that the important thing in life?
    Much love and peace,

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