Gravelly Guck

I have been busy!

Last Friday I was part of a small squadron of singlespeeds rode out to North Liberty to eat mexican food and drink mexican beverages.

Saturday morning I rode the gravel ride from Hopsons that only two other people showed up for. I had to come in early to work at the Broken Spoke, which I did.
Saturday night we drank beer and ate falafel!

Sunday morning I was up early and out the door for a 6 hour gravel ride with Brian. There was some threatening weather but we only got rained on for 30 seconds. It was really windy. Very relaxed pace, sort of a tune up ride for the Dirty Kanza.

Sunday afternoon Cody and Ira and I went to the Bike Library for Rental Bench. Ira switched frames and I fixed up a bike for his brother Dustin out of the goodness of my heart that he purchased. Alert Ira Ryan fans should realize that Ira should have been back in Portland. He was but had to return as his grandmother died. Condolences to him and his family.
After wrenching on bikes and cursing Shimano Altus Cantilever brakes and watching the rain poor down and drinking lots of coffee we went to the Mill for food and beer. The rain stopped and we were buzzed so we went for a townie.
Ran into Gary and Joyce in the CoreofEvil and they told us to go to their house for some fellowship, which we did. Their house is amazing! It is painted orange with red trim and is teeny-tiny and they have a great slinky black cat and we hung out for a bit but they did not return so we went back out on the bikes and were showing Ira where Jason McCartney lives now and there was a bunch of stuff on the curb and some of it was all of Jasons old chamois shorts and jerseys and socks and stuff. We took a sock up to get it autographed but Andrea told us Jason was out riding (which is good as he has been diagnosed with Lyme disease) so we talked to her and Max and watched Ginger have a tantrum and Tulip the dog ransack the neighbors yard. Good times! We rode back home and went to sleep.

Monday I was back to work, last week! After work I had a Bike to Work Week meeting with Cody and the New Pi Coop and then I went out for a ride and got to watch Sebastian Cochran play soccer (he is 4) and then ride back in with Jim (loving father and assistant coach of the Wizards of the Tiny Tots Youth Soccer League) before having yet another fine beer with my lady at home over pizza.
What a fine life I live!


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  1. 1

    Gretchen! said,

    Yo Pickle in the key of G…I am at the procrastination station…this here computer, and
    I love reading your words! They bring me back to old times. PLEASE tell Andrea that I
    say hello…I think of her every now and then when I remember back to the days of Kev
    and I almost buying their sweet house in Coralville, and when I have to go to a pharmacy! 🙂
    Also give my regards to Cody and
    your creatures. Yes! this internet is amazing. Off to study…well, ok, play some guitar
    ….and then study! ~~~~ Much Peace~~~~~

  2. 2

    i’ll trade you some of jason’s clothing for some hot gossip from capitol city!

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