My Idea Of Fun

I have not been updating this week (obvious) as I have been very busy with cleaning and locking up the sorority, feeding 100 people pancakes two days in a row, starting a new job, going on a bike ride with 200 of my closest friends and getting all my things ready for the Dirty Kanza 200. I leave today and Cody has decided to come to to make sure I stay out of trouble and to see this place called “Kansas” for herself. I will have a much more relaxed schedule next week so expect a ride report and a Bike to Work Week report as well as some photos. If you are impatient you can see the “official” photo sets from the week here and some photos (as well as some rousing conversation) of the DK course here. Photo of Ritchie available here. Thanks for reading and have a happy day!


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  1. 1

    Cody G. said,

    Kansas, here we come!!

  2. 2

    michael said,

    those photos do look nice…

    i hope you did well steve…!

    chesty & i put in a thirty mile night gravel ride last night…it was quite nice…

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