The Spoils!

The good folks at the Dirty Kanza awarded me many things for my time spent riding over their rocks, including a 12 pack of Boulevard Beer. As I was brain-dead from having just finished and lacked the mental capacity to choose they even split the Pale Ale and Unfiltered Wheat into one mixed 12 pack for me! I have been happy and honored to chip away at the case all week.

Tonight’s Victims

In addition to the beer I hobbled away with a new North Face backpack, a Bontrager waterbottle, one heck of a nice cowbell, some stickers, a $250 gift certificate to Badger Cycles in Lawrence, KS and a T-shirt, too!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Much yardwork is in store, as well as a nice ride over to Muscatine to watch the Melon City Criterium and comment again and again how I would love to be out there but these races are just too short for me…

Life is good, I have nothing else to say








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