Mouse In The Basket

This morning I awoke to find our kitty Ritchie lying on the floor in the kitchen. This is not one of his usual spots but he also has a long tradition of finding new places to curl up and sleep so I did not think much of it. He was still there when Cody came down from the restibule and she commented that there must be a bug or something in the recycling basket.

We started cleaning the kitchen and Ritchie wandered off. We heard a ruckus and found him on the ladder, wild-eyed!

I crept close to snap a photo and felt lucky to escape. Back in the kitchen then and I am organizing our recycling when I find the mouse that must have driven Ritchie to this state, hiding behind the basket. He was really small and cute and appeared to be unscathed. Cody lept to action and grabbed shirts for us to use as mouse traps. The battle was neither long nor fierce, the cute little bugger ran right into Cody’s shirt. She scooped him up and we took him outside to set him free once more into this cruel and cold world. Through it all Ritchie was in the house somewhere daydreaming of murder, no doubt, and where was Wayne, you ask?

Sound asleep, just a few feet away. Probably dreaming of chow. An exciting morning!

In other news, we had the Bike Library First Friday Coffee yesterday morning. Cody made some fine iced coffee and Del and Jen both made muffins. A pretty good turnout and the Bicycle Justice League even sprang to action and fixed up some brakes on a couple of bikes while their owners breakfasted in sophisticated elegance.

And speaking of bikes, check out this Jamis we built at the shop this week, modeled here by none other than Cody!

This bike is for a man who weighs over 400 pounds who wants to get some exercise as well as commute to work by bike. His commute is 1 mile each way, we wish him luck and welcome him to the solution!


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  1. 1

    Gretchen! said,

    love the cat stories!!! always bringing a smile to my face gpickle! i hope to have a blast
    in the other portland….you guys are welcome in this portland anytime. glad you got
    away from ritchie unscathed, it could have been awfully bloody and there would have
    been tufts of steve and ritchie hair strewn about. would have loved some of cody’s iced
    coffee….maybe next time šŸ™‚ and..i do say ol’ chap 200 miles? 1st place? wtf?PEACEANDLOVEALLAROUND. G

  2. 2

    gpick and cody–
    your photos of the big for big and tall reminds me of a question that entered my head the other day:
    what CAN be done with hybrid bikes, or specifically, hybrid bike FRAMES?
    anything? just take them apart, and melt them?
    can they by converted into useful town cruisers, or kind of like cross bikes?
    i haven’t a clue, but well-intentioned friends [and that’s the only kind i have] frequently ask me what they can do with them. they’re always like new, which isn’t saying much, but i’d love to have SOMEthing to tell them.
    thanks, mr and ms bike fixit people.

  3. 3

    Cody G. said,

    Take ’em to the Bike Library!

    Or, did you mean these people actually want to use the bikes?

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