Lazy Summer Days

Quite a busy week ended, actually, but Cody and I are relaxing tonight and it feels good. I worked 6 days. Did the Tuesday group ride and finished with the “McCartney” group for the first time in a while and that felt good, although it hurt like heck. Wednesday night we had the Bike to Work Week wrap up meeting and talked about what worked and what did not and what we would like to see happen next year. We drank beer. Thursday night there were crazy powerful storms rolling around all over and I skipped the group ride and Cody skipped Lady’s Night at the BL and we stayed home. Last night we had a BL meeting after work and then went over to Jim and Sebastian’s house for some fellowship. And beer. Today we hit the farmers market hard and left with a basket full of bounty! Pepper plants for the garden, more tomatos, fresh strawberries (picked about sunset last night!) asparagus and spinach and a cucumber and lots of basil plants for the garden and some other herbs, too. Oh yeah and 6 of the best eggs you’ve ever seen and a homemade organic apple pie. How did we manage to get it all home you wonder? It was easy, the cargo bike is back in action!


The cargo bike has mostly been a shed ornament for the past year as it broke about this time last summer. The manufacturer of said frame, Crispy, gladly fixed it up with an updated design that should not break again but then it had to be painted (rattle can) and reassembled. It took a long while just to get all of that done but then in reassembly a cable stop broke clean off the frame. And then another. Bike in shed, door closed, problem solved! We finally got a professionally crafted cable stop and the bike is back. Long story made short = Hooray!

Here is the result of our farmers market party


We have bathtubs in our front yard. We are those people.


I forgot to mention in my week wrap up that Jim took me arrowhead hunting Monday morning before work. It was a nice morning and a pleasant walk in a farmers field and would you look at that, I found me an arrowhead.  My resume just keeps getting longer! Jim has an amazing collection that he has been accumulating for decades, maybe I can get a picture of it to share with you all.



I started drinking Iced Americanos this week. Mmmmm… My 34th year was intended to be the year of the cappucino and it has been but for these summer months I think I will enjoy the Americano over ice, liberally.

Cody has been hard at work planning our trip to Portland, what else might she be working on?

The Wiz-Kid


Oh yeah, I quit the sorority yesterday. The over-privileged will need to find someone else to do their dirty work for them!


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  1. 1

    good move, mr. pickle.
    it’s about time they start developing eating disorders of their own.
    someday they’ll miss the fine meals you slipped them the first year or two.
    hell, your menus made ME want to pledge alpha chi obigbux.

  2. 2

    ira ryan said,

    here’s to eating the rich and drinking iced americanos.

  3. 3

    tarik said,

    Nice bathtubs,
    for koi or plants?

    Here is to being those people…

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    We plant in them thar tubs, nothing fishy about it

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