Sunday, it is my fun day.

I awoke at a decent hour this morning and did some dishes before heading out for a ride. It was a beautiful day and my back hurt. I had not done a ride since Tuesdays group ride thrashing other than townie stuff and it showed. I rode easy down to Lone Tree and even hopped on a smidgen of gravel to keep things interesting. Most of the ride was spent checking out the crops, cattle and used cars for sale. I did come under attack near Hills, a direct hit to the helmet by one of these buggers. Durned near drew blood and I do declare interval season to be open. On the way into town I saw Cody on her way to work which was a nice bonus. Then I saw a momma duck with a gaggle of babies and weren’t they just the cutest little things running into each other in their little circle.

Once home I overhauled the hub on my cross bikes front wheel so I could put the wheel on it back on my Schwinn, which also graduated to a one piece aluminum seatpost today. Joy! I spoke with Ira last week about getting a full on custom fork for it boasting substantial rake and an enviable axle to crown dimension. Ira does not get to build it, that will be up to the nice folks at Badger, but he will get to build the Porteur rack for it. Me townie is gonna be smooooth.

I did some laundry and did battle with our latest invaders – ants – and then rode the Schwinn down to get a coffee (Iced Americano – Double!) and visit the Bike Library. Lots of things going on down there. New fans! Zach was hard at work on his new Surly which he will be touring on shortly and Jen was there finishing up her superlative townie. We BL folks sure do ride some nice bicycles.

I picked up the BL Bikes At Work trailer as well as our dedicated trailer bike, the Bridgestone MB-6 and rode on down to Houseworks to see my sweetie and pick up some things.

A new cat hide out and a chair.

As well as a few wooden boxes to act as bedside tables in the restibule.

A watering can.

An electric griddle for pancake cooking!

That trailer sure is handy, and the bike is awesome, as most of you reading this know. After dropping these things off at home (and the chair on my foot) it was back to the BL to make some modifications to the bike. Riser bar and thumb shifters. Jeesh I work on bikes an awful lot…

Home for pancakes with farmers market fresh strawberries hot off the new griddle and some quality time with the family. Hope your weekend was swell!


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  1. 1

    no silly comments tonight, rather just an observation:
    i really enjoy reading your thoughts as presented here.
    they serve as a pleasant augmentation to our regular phone calls.
    i appreciate and envy your two-wheeled lifestyle,
    and am always pleased to learn more of–and see–
    your efforts toward living sustainably in river city.

    commentor’s note: as i was typing these comments, i received–quite serendipitously–a call from mr. pickle.
    [hey, i don’t have to MAKE this shit up!]

  2. 2

    Chandra said,

    Having had the BAW trailer for a while now, will you recommend it?

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