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Two bike riders got hit by a car outside Des Moines this morning.  They were serious riders out for an early training ride.  This is a major fear we face daily as cyclists.  Inattentive motorists are some of the most dangerous people you will ever encounter in your life and are heavily armed to boot.  I don’t really know where I am going with this.  I am on the board of directors of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and I am hopeful that during my three year tenure I can help bring about meaningful changes to the laws of this state to afford real meaningful protections to pedestrians and cyclists.  I have lost friends to car / bike collisions and I take this issue incredibly seriously.  Cody and I ride daily and a goodly percentage of our friends do, too.  The idea of driving as a privilege and not a right disappeared long ago.  I think a motorist who kills should lose their license.  I think they should serve time in jail.  Their life should be changed, just as their victims life changed.

Last I heard the two riders were in critical but stable condition and were expected to live.  I wish them the best which sounds pathetic but it is all I can do


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    ira ryan said,

    i think we all have to keep fighting the good fight and remember that we all have the ability to make people more aware by riding and being be out on bicycles. it makes me sad and pissed off to hear about things like this but we can’t stop riding.

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