The End Of My Townie As We Know It

Its Friday! A long week it has been, full of thrills and the like. All my parts are in to transform the Schwinn from the 34 pound townie into the ? pound touring bike. Check out all these parts!

Exciting, no? A 105 headset will cradle (strangle?) my new Nitto (thats neat-o!, people) stem and mustache bar with bar end shifters (8sp) and a really old 105 lever plus a newer and shinier shimano brake lever. I scored an XT rear der from the BL and a 600 front der. The bike is going to be sporting a 34t small ring and a 46t big, mounted on a crank I got from the BL’s big cheese, Brian. It is a 170 so I will probably not keep it long, just until I can get a 175. New brakes, Cane Creek cantilevers and Crank Bros pedals. Just one set for this bike, the other will go on my cross bike. Or maybe my new Ira? Hmmm…


As you know I do not spend all of my time (or even much of it) obsessing about component choices and such. This stuff was pretty easy to pick out and I hope I like it, I should be able to get the bike re-built on Sunday. My folks are coming into town today to see us and check out some Jazz Fest so Cody and I will be entertaining tonight and tomorrow. Yesterday morning I went for an early am ride with John and it was great. We rode Sharon Center with a smidge of gravel thrown in for good measure. As we were riding back into town I found this:

Super! Its a 12″ FORGED CRESTOLOY STEEL MADE IN THE USA WRENCH manufactured in Jamestown, NY by the CRESCENT TOOL CO! It has a super cool locking mechanism

that is much more visible in this photo. John and I went on to have delicious coffees and pastries at the Java House. I had best get to cleaning the house so my mom does not flip out when she gets here. Later on…


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  1. 1

    ira ryan said,

    whew. i thought you were gonna put all 4 chainrings on the new touring bike. i am glad to hear you are only using 2 rings. i hear from matt hall that the real way to drop some weight on your dope new ride is to drill holes in everything. it seems to work.

  2. 2

    i’m in arizona for the next week. but after that we should definitely get together. and i am also anxiously awaiting the completion of your own new project.

  3. 3

    Mom said,

    I’m hurt–when have I ever flipped out over your housekeeping? We had a great time this weekend and I enjoyed looking at the bike components but I don’t really understand what they all do. So my education continues!

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