Lazy Saturday

It is a fine summers day here in Iowa. I got a good nights rest and was up at a reasonable hour for a sensible breakfast. Isnt that nice? Did the 9am College Green ride. A nice group of eight, we went out Edens way and then beyond to see the Buffalo but turned in prior. I took the hard left to Hills then and rolled through Sharon Center solo for a fine and dandy 4 hour effort. It was hot and sunny and for a spell I actually felt nauseous! Or was it nauseated? The touring townie (my TT bike) is almost finished and here is what it looks like

Still need to change the tires and it will ultimately have my low rider racks on the front but I am not sure I need them for the PDX-pidition so I may wait. A shorter stem would be nice and the front wheel is going back to the cross bike where it will hopefully die one day and bother me no more.

After the ride I went downtown to have iced coffee with Jim and talk about things. Home then for internet-o-rama and reading, I am finally getting started on The Yiddish Policeman’s Union! Another 9 am ride tomorrow and a call to the birthday boy and then its back to the grind at the shop. Enjoy your reality!


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