The Future Does Not Exist

That said, I make plans for it daily. I have a list of things to do and as much as I hope I can do it all the realities of jobs and house payments and such mean that things must be prioritized. Thru hiking the Colorado Trail has been number one for a while now, I was all set to go the summer our house was born and had to abort the mission. I am still hoping to get a month off for that trip one of these years and another month or so for a cross country bike tour and a few months plus one to thru hike the PCT and a trip to Thailand would be nice and South America, too.

Now I find myself with a new to do item, The Great Divide Race. I don’t really care to race it but would just like to ride it. Maybe like Kent Peterson did? Tempting. Maybe my old friend Ira would go with me… Poke around on the internet and you will find amazing stories and pictures of the route, check them out if you are interested!


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