Agony And Ecstasy

Cody got us a travel scrabble from Houseworks. We have been playing and I have been learning that I do not know how to spell many words I think I know how to spell. Like extasy. Or extacy. Or dischord…


This morning I was awakened at 5:30 or so by a disgruntled cat wanting to know where in the name of Naps was the dry food??!?!? I came down and gave him another serving of the yummy wet food. Since I was up I started chores. Here it is 6:13am and I already have a load of laundry in and the cat food dishes and mats clean. And a blog post begun!


A classic pictorial depiction of agony and ecstasy, the 1989 World Road Race Championship sprint!



Legs of steel!

Bikes of steel!

Leave your helmet at home!

Wrap a toestrap around your shoe!


Thanks to pezcyclingnews for remembering, 1989 was inspirational to a 17 year old me.


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    ira ryan said,

    such classic imagery. the only think one could say is “FUCK YEAH!!!!”

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