Easy Rider

Good ride this morning with good people. We met at 8 for an Iowa City classic, the Frytown loop. A fine day to ride and we were happy to see lots of other riders out enjoying it as well. RAGBRAI is just a week off now and while I am okay with missing it this year it still tugs on the short and curlies of my soul to see folks getting ready to take a whole week to ride across Iowa. July is a fine month to ride all day in these parts. After the loop Ryan went home and Brian and I stopped at Joe Hetrick’s house to enjoy some of his fine home brewed beer. His garage is dreamy with bikes hanging from the ceiling and taking up half of the floor and a mass of kegs and taps at the back. I have known Joe for a long time and it is nice seeing his old bikes and broken stuff and the like. He has hubs he bought from Brian Choi! Cool stuff, and great beer!

It was almost like RAGBRAI as Brian and I found ourselves riding away at 11:30 am, drunk. Well, maybe not quite but Joe had served us some mighty alcoholic beer.

In other news, Cody procured us a hot air popcorn popper from Houseworks and I made some popped corn last night. It was great! We are on a mission to use our microwave less and less so this should help. Real melted butter was a treat, too. Who knows what they put in that bagged stuff?

Busy weeks ahead as we finish Pdx-pedition plans and work and ride and ride and ride.


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    Gretchen! said,

    Ah gpickle, alas, I can picture a day like this starring yourself…when do y’all leave for
    Portland? I have never been to the west Portland although I have heard it’s named after
    this one. So…where are we going? Dennis got a job doing digital photography in
    Miami, he is the head of a project to archieve and digitalize all the photos for the Miami
    Dolphins…he is not a professional sports fan…especially football, but it’s a good
    opportunity. So I’m deciding where to do my open block for August and half of
    Sep. Either back home to Flagstaff while he’s in Miami, or if it works out, Miami. Then
    to upstate NY for the start of hospital rotations for a year. Anywhoooo….hope you are
    well…I love reading what you guys are up to, yo. Word to your mom. Peace out.
    Check ya later.

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