Back To The Grind

I had a day off yesterday. So did Ritchie.

Is he not cute? I made a big list of things to get done yesterday and I got most of them done. Housecleaning and the like. I had a mid afternoon coffee break with my old friends and bosses of the ATLAS and then came home to get out for a ride. I did an hour before heading to the College Green ride. It had been a long while since I had done the ride and little has changed. A large group became small, I took my pulls for a while but then became tired and could only sit on the back. Its a bummer because it hurts.

I thought of dropping off numerous times but decided to stay and get drug into town as soon as possible. As we were flying up Sand Road I noticed a deer running parallel to us and called attention to it as I did not want us to intersect. We kept riding and the deer kept pace and we came to a farm and the deer started jumping livestock fences. He jumped one, two, three and four with grace and amazing agility. I imagine his legs were tired as he jumped the last fence, number five, because he did not make it. His rear legs clipped the top rung of the fence and he did a 360 in the air before crashing, hard, on his side in the farmers front yard. He was up in a flash and took off running again, this time away from us. I imagine he is pretty sore this morning, I hope he is going to be okay.

After the ride it was home for shower and then down to the Mill to say farewell to Bike Library volunteer Zach, who is leaving town and will be leaving on a really long bike tour October 1st. We talked about touring and racks and such and had a couple of beers. He will be sorely missed at the BL and I wish him well.

In other news, Cody and I made pancakes Monday night! We got a counter top griddle at Houseworks and it can crank out 4 cakes at a time with even heating. Assorted berries from the Co-Op and real maple syrup and good golly were they ever delicious!

Here is an out of focus picture of the last cakes on. I am back to work today, if the shop is open between now and July 30 I will be there. Come in for a visit if you like!


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