I’m A Juicer

It has been almost a week since my last entry. Our internet borrowing has been slower than usual and it is very frustrating to compute with flickering internet. This has left me with much time to participate in the great game of life. Do tell, you say? Right-o!

I did a pre RAGBRAI warm up ride with Jim last Thursday, it was great. We rode a Sugarbottom loop and had a couple of beers. Friday I worked and then Cody and I went to a memorial service for a man we knew who was hit by a drunk driver while motorcycling in Wisconsin. It was really sad. Roads are very dangerous places no matter how you use them and I feel they continue to get more and more dangerous, please be safe out there.

Saturday morning Cody and I met John at the Java House for delicate and refined beverages before riding about on our singlespeed townies looking for trouble. We found it at the Leflers where legendary RAGBRAI cycloteers THE CULT were gathering for donut holes, bacon, bananas and beer before riding off into the wild unknowns of Iowa for more of the same. We shared in the festivities before going to our jobs. I am not participating in a lick of the B this year and it makes me a bit sad, but I will be okay.

Yesterday I did a long ride with John on gravel. We went up Solon way and crossed the raging spillway into lands that have been forbidden to cyclists since the Treaty of Velo (1973) was signed at the American Legion Post 1834 in North Liberty. We walked our glorious steeds out of the danger zone before remounting in nuetral territory to continue the journey home. Trails were in great shape, thats for sure. Bike Library yesterday afternoon. Public Library then for some Oscar Peterson cds and a couple of books.

Cody and I busted out the tandem last night to ride back to the BL to rescue her Austro Daimler which is almost done! We made carrot ginger juice with our new juicer!

This marvelous machine came to us through the Houseworks pipeline for only $25.00! And check out the hot air popper in hot popping action



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    kim said,

    yeah baby! a nice big side of butta’.mmmmmmmmmmmm

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