PDX here we come

Well, the computer woes continue. I am all for anarchy but it looks as if we are going to have to pony up for internet service of our own. Damned affluent and secure neighbors…

So we are off to Portland on Wednesday to hang with the one and only Ira Ryan and go to the big Zine Symplosion so Cody can binge. Or gorge, whatever she wants. The trip is looking good, the train trip will be long but hopefully relaxing and on time. We are not going to take bikes anymore as Ira said he and his rabid cycling housemates have like 15 bikes or something so we can borrow. This is nice as shipping our steeds would be spendy and for some bureaucratic reason we can not put our bikes on our train in beautiful Mt Pleasant, Iowa. We would have to get to Omaha or some such thing. I will hope to update the old weblog while away and I think we will have better internet access to make it happen.

We have been having some amazing summer weather and I have been riding much. Did the world famous Tri-County bridge ride the other day with John. We had a couple of beers in Riverside (mayhap at the same bar that will get Captain Kirk’s future folks in the mood) and rolled back to Iowa City sweaty and dirty and happy.

More to report of course, but it must wait.


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    ira ryan said,

    little known fact but i was born in mt pleasant, iowa. although, i can’t really recommend anything to do there except get on the train and go to portland. i can’t wait. i am sooooooo excited and stuff. yippeeee!!

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