Vacation In Progress

Cody and I are in Sacramento, CA.  Just down the street from the governor’s office!  It was a marvelous train ride out here, I recommend it.  Quiet, fast (compared to walking or biking) and relaxing.  We slept in beds, read books, ate fine AMTRAK eats and even had a beer.  We had a good time and read 4 books total!

Mysteries of Pittsburgh


Harry Potter Book 1

Native Tongue

and took in some amazing scenery

The California Zephyr (1 hour late) !

The Front Range

A Milwaukee’s Best Moment

The Scenery was wonderful, 2 days worth!

The Lovely & Amazing Reno Trench!

Cody relaxing with the free wi-fi

Our next train will take us north to Porland, we are going to be stuck in coach.  The train is scheduled to depart at midnight but is already 2 hours late, will we survive?

stay tuned…


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  1. 1

    franQ said,

    Hey, there–

    Hope you enjoyed MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH… If so, I wouldn’t recommmed seeing the soon-to-be-released movie version by the guy who wrote/directed DODGEBALL… He’s completely CHANGED the story!

    No more gay Arthur, Phlox is Art’s ex, and Cleveland his bisexual lover (along with Jane!) Can you believe it?

    For more info check out:
    Or email me: bechstein[at]yahoo[dot]com

  2. 2

    Jay said,

    If you guys get a chance, check this place out…great beer and atmosphere.

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