Of Zines & Gardens & Coffee & Such

So much going on, who has time to write about it. I can barely remember what I did yesterday but I will give it a shot. The Portland Zine Symposium was this weekend and Cody and I spent 2 full days at it.

Lookit that beautiful table!  Farmers market flowers even!  Cody sold lots of zines and made lots of trades and we both met lots of our zine heroes (she has more than me) and it was fun looking at all the big city styles and the tattoos! Holy crud is there ever a lot of ink in this town

Ira and I have done a couple more rides in the last few days and I keep forgetting to take the camera, here are the bikes we are riding, at least…

I am enjoying the winningest Trans-Iowa bike ever built while Ira is enjoying his new Rapha edition Ira Ryan which is neat-o like a handlebar or a stem even. I met Sacha White of Vanilla and enjoyed a coffee with he and Ira at Stumptown. He was very nice and it was a pleasure to get to talk with him.

Cody and I rode up a big damn hill the other day to visit the Japanese Gardens which are lucky enough to have our old friend Mary caring for them. She is one of six master gardeners and as such does just about everything there including raking the zen gardens (3) and feeding the fish (60 of em, some of them are older than me!) and taking care of the “natural” portion of the garden. This is Mary in her garden.

While we were touring the gardens we saw a frog in a Hosta!

We also saw a real live honest to goodness hawk in one of the waterfalls. Mary was impressed and crept close to take pictures, I will share them later. It was cool!

Ira is a DIY dude as you may have heard and this morning he showed us how to roast coffee on the stovetop. Step 1, roast it!

Step 2, cool it!

Step 3, put it in a jar and pose for a picture while you are still really tired because you have not had any coffee yet as your piping hot mug awaits!

The trip has been great, tomorrow we will ride to the ocean (the left side one) on a borrowed tandem (fun!(?)) with Ira and maybe someone else but maybe not. Cody and I reserved a beachfront cabin in Oceanside so it promises to be a great ride with at least one restful evening. I will try and check in again before we head back to Iowa but who knows, we have so much to do! I leave you with the timeless image of a framebuilder hard at work in his underground bunker.


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    […] coffee which I drank all by myself.  This was some of the birthday coffee that Ira sent me that he roasts himself in his kitchen!  I do not usually make coffee at home and I never make it by and for myself (honest, first time!) […]

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