Poop Shooting!

Cody and Ira and I took our 3 day bike tour and it was A-Ok! Ira was a great tour guide, he planned a good route for us which included train rides, rides on quiet and narrow roads over picturesque Oregonian mountainsides, sweat, coffee, ocean views, flat tires, busted spokes, descents with and without RV’s trying to pass, a possible elk sighting, a written warning from the Tri-Met police for harboring an illegal tandem in the traveled way, one oncoming coast to coast bike tourist about to finish the journey, a nice night in a beachfront cabin, wine and cheese, saddle adjustments, really cold showers, logging trucks, oatmeal a plenty, fine conversation and company and one all out sprint versus a poop shooting cannon that was firing its rank payload with gusto all over a farm field as we happened by. To the photos then!

Here we are riding the train Laverne & Shirley style.

Cody and I rode a borrowed tandem. We had no prior tandem experience other than puttering around Iowa City on our single speed coaster brake Vista. This beast was a bit more complicated but it was sporting the always stylish and lightweight WALD front basket!

This little photo here is of our first night campsite, it was beautiful!

Never go camping without an Ira Extinguisher!

We had a marvelous ride to the ocean side community of Oceanside then, we stayed in a cabin that was right on the beach!

A great view but for the parked cars…

We (well, Cody and I) were so excited to see real live Goonies rocks.

After a restful night in the Pacific Ocean’s warm embrace we set out on our longest day back to Portland in one shot.

The chilly misty morning featured the aforementioned poop shooter that got our heart rates up but also contained a marvelous second breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant. Before long we were climbing the coastal range and then descending it very fast on our loaded tandem. The weather did a switcheroo, too and I must say it was perfect for our entire trip.

The last few miles of the trip were arduous as we were hassled by the Hi-Vis “Man” on the train and then the big city traffic on the roads but these trials ensured that we were happy to be back at the house. Finding three beers left in the fridge and getting to drink them in the company of a happy kitty iced the perfecto cupcake of a trip.

Check out Cody and Ira’s weblogs for additional perspective and photos if you like!


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    […] took it on the Lefler’s Wine Ride last night and had a good time with it.  Cody and I did a tandem tour in Oregon a couple of years ago with Ira and had a blast.  The potential of this bike is huge, so […]

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