Bridge Pedal 2007

Last weekend was not only the Portland Zine Symposium but also Bridge Pedal. Portland has lots of bridges and on this ride they shut them all down and let bikes roll with glorious abandon up em’ and down em’. I really wanted to go experience Portland Bike Culture and ride over bridges, too. Ira assured me I was crazy and told me all about the riders who ride only once a year and swerve all over because they don’t know better and how the ride gets all bottle-necky and such. I still wanted to go as I am stubborn but I am also agreeable so I let Ira take me on a custom bridge pedal. Ira loves the custom you know.
We encountered the route soon after leaving the house and so first climbed the Fremont Bridge, which is tall, and saw Mt Hood, which is taller. We then abandoned the ride and cut across downtown to ride another bridge when we came upon a bottleneck. It was crazy just as Ira had told me it would be. We turned around and went and found another bridge to ride over and got our pictures taken at the summit to prove we were there.

Proof 1

Proof 2

There you have it folks, real live Porland Bike Culture participation! Why am I grabbing Ira’s stem? The website said 20,000 people rode. Wow-Wee!

We are out of here tomorrow, but not until after I have had my appointment with the Ira previously mentioned to work out the details of my new Ira frame, exciting!

See you in Iowa if you are there!

Look at all those exclamation points, jeesh.


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    wow, steve! i’ve not checked, thinking you were on vacation, so you’d be on vacation from EVERYthing.
    i’ve got LOTS to read and digest. the quick scan of photos as i scrolled down look GREAT.
    anxious to hear about the trip.

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