Weekday Update…

Okay, we are home. Vacation over, bank accounts depressed. The train ride back was grand, we love AMTRAK! An unpopular position to be sure…

Our house was a bit moldy when we got back due to incredible rain and humidity whilst we were away.

Kitties were both furry and breathing which we attribute to the wonderful care they recieved from The Adult.

We are happy to be home, Iowa City is great!

Cody jumped right into student teaching the day after we got back.

I have been riding like in the good old days. to recap: Group ride last Tuesday, turned in early but had a good time. Wednesday off. Thursday group ride, I felt good and finished in the group, hooray for me! Friday I rode for 2 hours. Saturday I hitched a ride to the state Criterium with Jim and friends and before you all jump on my case, “A Criterium Steve? Are you MAD?”, let me assure you that I only watched and then rode home via Iowa’s never ending chain of gravel byways. It was a long one, 125 miles in 8 hours, 90 or so miles of said distance on the rocky stuff. I am going to try and ride the 1200 miles of gravel for the cup of dirt, wish me luck if you care! Sunday I rode 2 hours in the company of 20¢ and was tired but felt okay, good sensations you might say… Monday I took the day off as it was my first day at the old job (gasp! yes, never say never etc… more on that later) and I just wanted to relax. Last night I hit up the B ride with the aforementioned coinage and it was fun, we were intercepted by the dreaded “A” ride which changed the game a bit but John fought bravely and was dropped honorably. Today I went out on the singlespeed for a quick hour over the Res and ran into some of the greats of Iowa road and mountain bike racing and rode with them for a while. About an hour total. There you have it, I am getting fit! Chequamegon is in 2 weeks so it is now or never…

In other news I have been reading Harry Potter books I am almost done with the 6th. I will then have to scrounge up a copy of the 7th, consider this my e-plea to you if you will. I need the book!  Please help me…





pretty please?


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    Brian said,

    Robin has a “special” copy of Potter #7 that she would be glad to share with you. And we should go riding, though your recent ride list scares me. I’ve done 102 miles in the past 12 days or so. And 102 of those miles came about 12 days ago.

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