Terribly Mysterious…

Upon arriving home from the Rabid Circus Animal Jamboree otherwise known as the “A” ride I did find a most curious package upon my doorstep. Todays Daily Iowan 80 Hours section wrapped with electrical tape around a cylindrical object. A tidy Sharpie script announced “Thanks Steve” in basic black so I did not call the police to have it investigated but ripped it open with glee to find a fine insulated travel mug inside! Not only is it a stainless steel body but it also has a screw top!

Who left it here? Where did they get it? Why did they thank me, what did I ever do to them? How can I find out who left it?

I will ponder these questions and more after watching The Life Aquatic with Cody. Its a date, yeah.

Thanks to you, mystery cup giver!


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  1. 1

    ira ryan said,

    meanwhile, in portland, i am heartbroken and drunk. happy cup day.

  2. 2

    John said,

    Thanks Steve for not leaving me behind. I hope you enjoy your mug 🙂

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