A Little of This

Thursday was Cody’s birthday. She is now officially almost 30! If you have not already sent her your birthday wishes surf on over to ArtBikesCats and do so if you please.

Friday morning I went to the Cycle Commuter Coffee at the Bike Library and it was great fun as always. Lots of delicious treats and coffee and more coffee. We had good attendance and it was nice to be part of it again.

Friday night Cody and I went and saw an art show opening at the Hudson River Gallery for Steve Erickson. Free wine and fine oil paintings to look at. After we went to Brian and Robin’s home for more socializing and a bit of beer. They have a hookah which was very popular amongst the other guests but we abstained. It was a fun contraption to watch, anyway.

Saturday morning I was up and out early to meet Pat McKay for a free ride out to the Sugar Bottom Scramble. I volunteered the morning away, taping the course and hanging beer signs all over the place and then I got to race. It had been a while since my last race on the mountain bike and I did not know what to expect here but I was pleasantly surprised by my ride. I was third into the singletrack and lost one of my bottles at the first big bump which was sad as it was quite warm. The trail became a road for a short while and I pushed the pace to take the lead and infiltrate the tail end of the expert field. I was “winning” for a time and passed some of the expert riders and it was all very nice. I lost a couple of Sport places in the singletrack and then lost a couple more on the next road section but that was it. I rode mostly alone for the rest of the race although I did do battle with an expert rider who was much better at technical sections (his shock and many gears may have helped him, true) than I while I would get away on climbs and such. I really wanted to drop him as his bike was really noisy and his brakes were squeaky and I finally did. The last half lap was hard as I was out of water and my back was killing me but I kept chugging along and was very happy to finish 5th. I hung out to watch the experts finish and see how it all went (Brian Eppen won the Expert class on his rigid singlespeed, very impressive) and then got a ride back into town with a new helmet for my efforts. Results are at the race site linked above.

Saturday night Cody and I went to the Red Avocado and had yet another fantastic dining experience for her delayed birthday dinner. I then set about finishing the final Harry Potter book before bed. I was unsuccessful.

This morning I finished the book and I must say I was impressed with the entire series and the conclusion to it all did not disappoint. I am not sure what I will pick up next, I have a hold on The World Without Us at the library and am excited to check that out soon. A few days of work and then I am off to Chequamegon which should be a great time if a bit painful…



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