A Gentle Man’s Sunday

I rode my bike really far on Saturday so on Sunday I took it easy. Put my feet up. Had a picnic in the park. Went to the art museum. Then I went to the Bike Library for Sunday Rental Bench. I had missed last week as I was racing in Wisconsin so I was excited to get back and see what was happening.

To my surprize (spelling & content under the influence of JONATHAN STRANGE & Mr NORRELL until such time as the book is done and the effect worn off) the door was not barred and the lights not snuffed and there on the floor screwing storage hooks into a board was the great Gentleman Bicycle Mechanic, Mr Loring!

He was accompanied by his footman Nathan who is quite skilled in the art of carpentry and, being an agreeable sort, had agreed to help the good Mr Loring with no regard for his own safety nor recompense whatsoever!

It was great to see them and we were catching up on things when who should stop by but local legislative grease monkey Joe Bolkcom. His appearance was brief but his charisma so powerful we were all bouyed by it for many hours and indeed worked right through our afternoon tea!

The Rental Bench continues to be mostly the domain of the Bike Library volunteers and while personal projects seem to get the most attention we do still take the time to work on bikes for the common people.

This poor bicycle was in desperate need of a bottom bracket repair and while our tools were augmented by levers, sweat and long gone dinosaurs the component would budge nary a millimeter. Dreadful as it sounds a mechanic from the land faerie may need to be issued a summons!

I myself worked on a lovely Peugeot and it now sits ready to give humble service to one of the fine society riders of lovely Iowa City whether they should chuse to take their evening rides over hill or dale.

You are quite right to think I must have been terribly wearied at this point! To my land holdings then did I retire. I bid you good evening.

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