Dropped Is Good

I got dropped the other night. I rode the College Green ride and the weather was cold and rainy, just as it had been all day. “True” cyclocross weather and what do you know, most of Iowa City’s top crossers stayed home. Not all of us, though! Four we were, rolling north into the wind and wondering if the heavens would reward our pluck with another dousing of universal solvent.

The first hill to climb told me I was very tired. My riding has been sporadic the last couple of weeks and I have not been doing a good job of keeping track of my efforts this year anyway and how exactly do you quantify an hour+ spent hauling paving stones? Intervals? Pain Threshold Expansion Efforts? Junk miles? The 110 miles on Saturday probably did not help whatever else was going on in my legs so as we began to climb, they began to protest. As we turned to gravel and the young amongst us put it in the big ring they did again protest, and louder .

Pop! I was riding alone. It is always fun, I think, to watch the group roll away. So fast they disappear… The clouds were moving out and to the west the sun was beginning to come through at last and it was quite beautiful. I felt so much better riding with a tailwind at my own pace. I came upon a B road and thought to try it, it looked so smooth and inviting. 20 meters in and my bike was pretty well plugged up, 30 meters more and it was full stop. I got off and trudged back out. Cleaned off the big lumps and resumed the nice ride in. Then it started to pour.

I came to a bridge that goes over I80 and what do you know, its being repaired! A stoplight told me to stop so I did. Standing in the pouring rain, ten minutes from home and still watching a beautiful sunset in front of me. The light finally turned green and I was moving again, feeling that I should have probably just stayed home with the Cody and the cats. Just over the bridge and I see this in the ditch

A ball peen hammer had been dropped too – are you kidding me!?!?!?!? Forget about the rain, its another fabulous prize of the roadside! The rain stopped and I raised my new hammer to the setting sun, salvation had come to both of us that stormy dropped night.



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  1. 1

    Jay said,

    I can totally picture you holding that hammer up to the sky…hilarious.

    I’m curious to know if the others were riding knobbies too, or were you the only one?

  2. 2

    ira ryan said,

    i can see it all. fabulous!!! i don’t know which is better, the quote “Four we were, rolling north into the wind and wondering if the heavens would reward our pluck with another dousing of universal solvent” or the fact that you found a big ass ball peen hammer. i can’t wait to tune in next week to read about what our hero has found on the sides of the great midwestern byway.

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    Jay- the group rides are always a “run wha-cha brung” affair but this time of year it is mostly cross bikes with lil’ cross bike knobbies. Some folks run slicks of the narrow or the fat varieties, some show up on single speeds, folks even roll full on mountain bikes or even townies from time to time. Its a melting pot!

  4. 4

    Kevin said,

    Man, what’s with the front shifter I see in the photo? I distinctly recall a photo of you rockin a 1×9, giving the OFG (one front gear) solute to the camera in Rochester, MN 🙂

    Actually, I’m proud of your and your Chequamegon seat post fiasco! OFG proper!

  5. 5

    bikeiowa said,

    Its true Kevin, I have a front shift lever now and it is attached to a front der. I am sorry. I used to be both race-fit and of a mind to travel all over so I could exercise for one hour but those days are gone. They may yet return so for now do not despair but rather take solace that I don’t use that big ring. Honest!

    ps: you should come back to chequamy next year. it would be epic and stuff.

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