Rest Week!

After my super-exciting and active September I decided to take the start of October “off” and its been going nicely. I am churning through Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and have been doing some cleaning and tidying around the house. I helped Jim work on Sebastians playground and drank a few beers and had coffee on more than one occasion with Brian and had a nice hour and a half townie with John yesterday morning and we had coffee, too. I have also been spending more time at the Bike Library doing the things we librarians do. I fixed up this boss Motobecane

and took the recycling

Wayne is happy to support recycling in his own way

I took the trashcan, too but a seperate trip. Tomorrow morning is the Cycle Commuter Coffee from 7:3-9:30am and then work and then the Gallery Walk and then the Suzanne Vega concert at the Englert. Busy day tomorrow, good thing I have been resting!


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  1. 1

    ira ryan said,

    wow. sometimes i miss the iowa city style in the fall.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Ira you are welcome in iowa city no matter the season or the steeze (however that left coast word is spelled) so come on back and lets do some riding and coffee drinking and trouble causing!

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