Flat End

So yesterday when I woke up I was not feeling so hot. I got a bit better as the morning progressed and I was able to update the weblog in my usual chipper manner and then, shortly after, I got hit by the sick truck. Hard. Sweating and nausea and I would describe the headache as pounding but that is misleading as once the hammer struck my head it never left, one big pound is what it was and it lasted for 6 hours. Maybe more but thankfully I got to go home and take drugs and sleep. Which I did, and the sleep went on for 13 hours. Isn’t that amazing? When poor Ira was out riding his bike 350 miles or whatever it was (565km!) in one shot on gravel ol’ Ken Lefler and I kept remarking on how he was “still riding” as we were drinking this or that beer or eating mexican food or whatever. So while you were group riding or watching tv or eating dinner or getting drunk or even sleeping, I was sleeping. From 5:30 last night to 6:45 this morning I was sawing logs and sweating. I seem to be feeling better now and while I was sad to miss this morning’s Cycle Commuter Coffee at the BL I am hopeful that I can attend the Suzanne Vega concert tonight.

Hope y’all are feeling fine!

sorority quotes for Jay:

Whatever, I’m not even drunk yet

and from a t-shirt hanging in the laundry room:

Drink Beer, Make Love, Raise Hell


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  1. 1

    ira ryan said,

    meanwhile back at the sorority, the girls are still stupid.

  2. 2

    Jay said,

    That quote is pure gold. Thank you, kind sir.

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