All(most) Better

The horse pills the nice man in the white jacket gave me are almost gone. I feel mostly better. This has been a sucky couple of weeks but what can you do? I have gotten lots of rest, finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and watched Back to the Future. And coughed when I felt like it. Cody has been wonderful and taken good care of me. I hope to start riding again soon (saturday?) and am really looking forward to it. No telling when I will have the gumption to roll another 100 on gravel, I still have to do six so it better be soon. Good thing I get a week off for Thanksgiving, plenty of time.

I applied for and got “Pro” status with SmartWool so now I can buy really cheap socks and stuff, thats a good thing. I went to a zine reading at The White Rabbit on Tuesday and that was worthwhile, I was impressed with the turnout and the readers were all great and most wore cool shoes and hats and stuff. My Bridgestone is back together, hope to ride it soon but the trails will be sloppy for a time, its been raining. Other than that I have not been up to much yet this October, I will age on Sunday – look out!

Listen to more LeTigre than you do and if you don’t listen to any?  Start!


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    Jay said,

    +1 to both SmartWool and Le Tigre. SmartWool’s base layer stuff is excessively comfy.

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