“Missy” Leona

This morning I was up late as opposed to early. In the brief span of time before Cody had to leave for school I managed to dress myself and do some dishes. I even fed the cats! Soon enough it was time for Cody to go and I quick grabbed my coat and left with her so I could spend a bit more time with her. My plan was working perfectly until we got cut off by a dog on the loose! We were on a quiet street but were near a busy one so we quickly headed the doggie off at the fence post, which it was happily sniffing. She was a Husky with pretty blue Husky eyes and a curly and fluffy Husky tail.

She was wearing a collar but had no tags and there was a piece of something hanging from it which looked like either a shredded shopping bag or a very old and tired piece of rope. My 7 foot cable lock became a leash (yet another reason to not have a u-lock) and Cody had to get to school so we parted ways and I set about trying to save “Missy” as I was calling her.

First off we retraced her steps and went back up the alley that she had come running out of. A woman was in her backyard with a couple of dogs and I asked her if she recognized Missy but she did not. I was at a loss for what to do as our house is not very dog friendly and I had to be to work in an hour when I remembered that I had once walked 2,162 miles and I figured I could just walk Missy down to the animal shelter. So I did. She was a sweet dog and was very good company, she acted like we had known each other for ages. She sniffed some stuff and got excited about squirrels and took a drink out of the downtown fountain. Just a few blocks from the shelter we ran into 20¢ and he, like so many college seniors, was free so he walked along with us, too.

The shelter does not open until 10:30 and I thought the woman inside was going to attempt to ignore me like she was a bike shop employee or something but I rapped on the door and she came over to see what was up. I explained the situation and she let us in. The doggie had a chip and the woman thought that she had been into the shelter just this past weekend and sure enough the chip info proved it. She was not Missy but Leona and her owner was doing a damn crappy job of caring for her if she was loose twice in a week with no tags!

Our home is not very big and our cats are very happy with their lives but I sure am smitten with that doggie. I don’t know if it is possible to get her from her rightful owner but it is tempting to try, I love dogs! And I wish “Missy” Leona well.


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