The Year Of Living Steve L E

Yup, I’m 35 now. Last year was the year of the cappucino, this year will be the year of the macchiato!

Cuban Style, before and after

34 was good, I believe 35 can be better. New challenges like Ouachita and the Leadville 100 plus a saddle-enhanced Chequamegon will satisfy my desire to kick-butt and get free t-shirts.

A new bike from my good friend Ira will make every mile pedaled even more special than before. A 29er will hopefully be procured as well so I can see what all the fuss is about. I would like to write more, but I have to go. Sorry.


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  1. 1

    Chesty said,

    Hope the drink of your 35th year rolled you safely to the kitchen. Darn fast postin!

  2. 2

    o forgot it AGAIN.

    hope ya had a good one.

    gotta figger out where to write it down…

  3. 3

    tarik saleh said,

    Yeah Macchiato! Yeah birthday!

    You are about a month and a half older than me. We should race!

    Rubber side down, watch out for distracted moms and keep rolling and rolling and post pics of the new bikes when you get em!

  4. 4

    Brian said,

    I didn’t know I was turning down birthday coffee. It looks like a good way to kick off the year. We’ll have to get together for some belated celebrating.

  5. 5

    bikeiowa said,

    Brian: October 21 was they day mom made me so don’t fret, we will have many small hot beverages this year I am sure.

    Tarik: Yer on! But what where when and why to race? Maybe the Great Divide Race, Single Speed style? That would be memorable…

    Kim: You suck. Tough love back at ya!

    John & Kosi: Nice to see you, always

  6. 6

    DING DANG DAMN SUCKA!!!!!!! happy b day pickle. were you keeping it a secret? i send you mad coffee and bike energy.
    hot coffee and brazing torches to you on this 35th year.

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